Something New

So what’s new? That is a common question…how about ‘what is new with credit’? A few years ago I recall a meeting where we were struggling with potential seminar topics. The Chapter President at the time said that poor attendance was because we were offering seminars on credit skills that our mature and experienced membership had already mastered.

So here is the question: have we identified all the credit theory that is out there? While we can always hone and improve our skills, it is true that there are only so many lectures on phone collections that you can attend.

In a (non-scientific) search for new and interesting topics, we looked at professional credit associations in Canada and around the world to see what topics they offered. As it turns out, the offerings (seminars, articles) were remarkably consistent.

Presented below in the ever-popular top-10 format, are the top 10 credit topics as well as the top-10 business topics that appear in the academic and other offerings of credit associations around Canada and the world.

Top 10 Credit Topics

  • Phone Collections
  • Small Claims
  • Negotiations
  • Bankruptcy Act
  • Credit Policies & Procedures
  • International Credit
  • Sales vs Credit
  • Credit Fraud
  • Construction Credit
  • Financial Analysis and Ratios

Top 10 related business topics

  • Credit crisis
  • Economic updates
  • Public speaking
  • Multi-tasking
  • Inter-generational employees
  • Managing difficult people
  • Privacy Laws
  • Retirement planning
  • Identity Theft
  • Top 10 lists(!)

Writing a newsletter presents the same challenges. As a credit organization you would expect articles about our profession and what we do day to day, or in-depth discussions of how recent developments impact our chosen profession. While that seems like a no brainer, it is harder than it sounds.

On a monthly or quarterly schedule, even with guest writers and re-posting (with permission) of other articles, researching and presenting new and in-depth credit issues is asking a lot of a volunteer crowd. The result is what we at the Manitoba Chapter provide – a series of opinion pieces and reprinted stories. Perhaps the stories are all brilliant (of course!), but they are dependent on the writing abilities and energy of a few, and are not born of a disciplined research and publishing strategy designed to move the profession forward.

What is the conclusion for our profession? Have we nothing new to learn? Is there nothing more we can glean from the industry to provide some professional ‘eureka moment’ that will make credit and collections work better? There must be something new!


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