Fire, and Coping with Rapid Change!

by Debbie Baines, CCP

On Saturday, Sept 20, a fire broke out in one of Standard Aero’s facilities located on Sargent Avenue.  Thankfully, no one was injured and the group of employees working in the plant at the time responded according and evacuated the building.  It only took 4 minutes for the local fire department to arrive on the site.   In addition, Standard Aero’s fire suppression system in the facility worked as intended and the ceiling fire sprinklers detected the fire and aided in extinguishing the fire. 

Unfortunately, with this type of emergency response, there was a significant amount of water and smoke damage which requires the appropriate clean-up efforts including inspections and approvals prior to restoring our systems and building access.

The incident also had a broader impact to the organization due to the computer systems that were affected by both the shutdown of our electrical power sources and after affects in adjacent facilities.  The majority of our facilities around the world were restored with operating systems within 24 hours.

As of today, many of us have been relocated to other Standard Aero Winnipeg facilities to work.  Make shift work stations have been set up in meeting/ training rooms, lunch rooms, etc.  We are adapting to these changes and doing what they can to minimize the impacts to our customers.

I am impressed with people’s ability to cope with sudden change. We came together as a team and worked together to make the best of the situation. All that being said, I don’t wish on this anyone!

Have a look at some pictures from the day (double click to enlarge).

Fire 1Fire 2Fire 3


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