A New Challenge

So, after years as a Credit Manager you have the job cased and things are working smoothly.  You have done things right, great job. So why are you dissatisfied? Why are you bored?

According to Psychology Today (http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-new-resilience/201005/feeling-bored-work-three-reasons-why-and-what-can-free-you), workplace boredom is one of the biggest causes of workplace stress (especially in a tough economy), and in fact overworked employees rate workplace satisfaction higher than those who have not enough work to do.

The article suggests three reasons that you get bored: you feel like you do not fit in; like you have been “shelved” by the higher-ups, or like there is nowhere to grow at work. The article discusses each of these in more detail, but they mean just what you would think.

The Psychology Today article suggests that you not wallow in the feelings that can result from finding yourself in this situation. In fact the suggestion is to ignore the emotion of it all. This allows you to be more objective in dealing with the issue, so you can look for new stretch projects and plunge headfirst into that work.

The suggestions are as follows:

  • Think of past work or projects where you were at the top of your game: what were they about, who did you work with, what was the work environment like?
  • Talk to your boss about wanting a new challenge. Pay attention to his/her verbal and non-verbal reaction to your request.
  • Look inside or outside work for the kind of projects that interest you. If work cannot offer anything, consider volunteering somewhere.

When people get bored at work, they quite often, and unconsciously, create a little bit of drama just for some excitement. Maybe they let something get to them and then say or do something that creates a furor. Be warned, you may pay a hefty price for this bit of excitement: you may be seen as a trouble-maker, or worse, someone who can’t handle themselves.

Practically speaking you need to make a list of the things you like to do at work, and then see if you can do more of that sort of work. Charitable organizations are an option, and they always need more help than they have. But if you continue to be bored, do NOT play Farmville at your desk! You are not being paid to do that, and you worked too hard on your education to lose your job for surfing the net!

People change, organizations change, so it is no surprise that every number of years you may feel the need for something different. If you are bored, be glad you noticed! Now you can do something about it.

Most of us cannot afford to up and quit, but we can afford to spend a little brain-time to find a way to reinvigorate our work lives: no one else will do it for you, and it will make a difference to your health, your relationships and how you feel about you. Sounds pretty worthwhile!


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